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Tungsten alloy mobile phone vibrator function

The density of tungsten alloy is very high, the maximum density is 18.6g/cm3. High density can exhibit a smaller volume than other materials under the same weight.
24 2021/08

Tungsten Copper Rod

Tungsten copper alloy has a wide range of uses, mainly used to make the contacts of high-voltage electrical switches that resist arc ablation
24 2021/08

Molybdenum's dynamics

Molybdenum is widely used in the production of various steel materials such as stainless steel.
24 2021/08

Main application of tungsten copper alloy

Tungsten copper alloy combines the advantages of metal tungsten and copper. Among them, tungsten has a high melting point (the melting point of tungsten is 3410°C
06 2021/05
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