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Molybdenum plate

Product parameters
Molybdenum slab / molybdenum plate
The company can produce and provide: molybdenum plate, molybdenum slab, white molybdenum plate, black molybdenum plate, annealed molybdenum plate, TZM molybdenum plate, high temperature molybdenum plate
◇ Product specifications:
Molybdenum slab:
(14 ~ 16) × (60 ~ 70) × (160 ~ 170) mm, weight 1.0kg (20 ~ 25) × (100 ~ 120) × Lmm, L ≤ 450mm, weight 7.0kg.
Molybdenum board:
(0.1~14)x (20~600) x Lmm, L≤2000mm.
◇ Material: pure molybdenum, TZM alloy
◇ The surface is silver-gray or gray metallic luster with a density of ≥9.6kg/cm3.
用途 Uses: Raw materials such as molybdenum disc, molybdenum sheet and molybdenum foil.
◇ Packing:
1.0kg: Multi-layer packaging with paper, plastic bag, carton, dry wooden box, the weight of each box does not exceed 30kg.
7.0kg: Packed in wooden boxes with blown foam around, each weighing no more than 30kg.
◇ If you have special requirements, you can negotiate to resolve them.
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