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Molybdenum rod

Product parameters
Appearance: silver-gray metallic luster (this product is made of FMo-1 raw material)
The quality meets the requirements of GB/T17792-1999
Specifications: diameter ¢50-¢150mm, length 20-600mm, single weight 3-120KG
Uses: Used as raw materials for forging rods or molybdenum rods, wire drawing, molybdenum electrodes, etc., or as high temperature resistant brackets for high temperature furnaces.
The appearance of the molybdenum rod is divided into a forged molybdenum rod and a polished molybdenum rod. The surface of the forged molybdenum rod is allowed to have yttrium oxide and slight forging marks, and the surface of the polished molybdenum rod is metallic luster without significant oxidation.
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