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Molybdenum wire

Product parameters
Molybdenum wire mainly refers to a consumable made of precious metals such as molybdenum with a high-voltage electric field continuously moving to cut the workpiece during wire cutting, that is, the thin wire continuously moving when the wire cutting machine tool processes the workpiece is called the wire (also Called electrode), it can perform pulse spark erosion and cutting metal forming on the workpiece. Molybdenum wire has many other uses.
Molybdenum wire introduction
English name: Molybdenum wire
Molybdenum wire
The high-quality high-temperature molybdenum raw material is processed into a filament shape by an advanced hot-cold-pulling bonding process, and is used as an electrode for the wire-cutting machine tool to process the workpiece. Molybdenum wire surface state forming process: drawing, forging, polishing
Types and uses of molybdenum wire
1. Pure molybdenum wire GMPM.-1 for winding wire, bracket, lead wire, heating element, molybdenum foil tape, wire
Molybdenum wire application - fast wire machine
1. Cutting, auto parts spraying, etc. 2. 镧Molybdenum wire GMHI-M.-2 is used for wire core wire sealing parts, molybdenum foil tape, furnace heating materials, wire cutting high temperature components, etc. 3. 钇Molybdenum wire GMHYM. A 3 for brackets, lead wires, tube reeds, grid, furnace heating materials, high temperature components. 4. Wire cutting special molybdenum wire GMPM.-1, GMHI.M.-2 for cutting of various non-ferrous metals, steel and magnetic materials. It has the characteristics of high strength, good discharge performance, high surface finish, high cutting speed and long life.
Various molybdenum wire chemical components
Refer to (national standard GB/T3462-2007 "Molybdenum strip and molybdenum slab" related technology) Index name GMPM. A 1 GMH [.M. One 2 GMHYM. A 3 main content M.% ≥ 99 90 } 99 45 } 99 45 % ± % ... 01 - 0 5 01 - 0 5 % of total impurity elements (01 (0 05 (0 05 tungsten % ≤ 0 01 ≤ 0 01 ≤ 0 01 Other impurity elements%≤0 005≤0 005 ≤0 005 GMHI.M Guang 2, GMHYM. One 3 is rare earth high temperature tantalum, tantalum molybdenum, rare earth element is not used as impurity. Molybdenum wire production dimensional tolerance standard: national standard GB/T4182—2003 “Molybdenum wire” Specification: Φ0.02mm--Φ12.0mm Other uses: hook, core wire, grid side rod, lead wire, etc. At present, domestic molybdenum wire manufacturers are: Shandong Guangming, Nanjing Diamond, Huaming and other molybdenum wire as the characteristics of the electrode wire: 1 super high tensile strength; 2 high surface finish, good stability, high cutting precision; 3 small elongation, tight wire; 4 curl curvature, consistent wire diameter It is not easy to break the wire and has a long service life; 5 It can increase the high frequency power and improve the rough processing efficiency; 6 It can measure accurately, vacuum packaging, prevent oxidation and mildew, and can be stored for a long time.
Molybdenum wire storage precautions
1. Store the molybdenum wire in a cool and ventilated place with low humidity. The temperature should be controlled at 20 °C ~ 25 °C to avoid oxidation of the molybdenum wire. 2. If the molybdenum wire is left for more than 6 months, the problem of verticality may occur. . Advantages of molybdenum wire: 1. High precision of molybdenum wire, wire diameter tolerance is controlled within 0~-0.002mm; 2. Low wire breaking rate, high processing rate, high cost performance; 3. Stable long-term continuous processing .
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