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Molybdenum head

Product parameters
A brief description
--Molybdenum tip density is greater than 9.7g/cm3 (molybdenum alloy density is greater than 9.2g/cm3)
--This product is used to wear seamless pipes such as stainless steel, alloy steel and superalloy.
-- If you have special requirements, you can negotiate
Detailed Description
The molybdenum alloy tip is made of molybdenum powder FMo-1 raw material and added with rare earth materials. It is processed through mixing, forming, shape processing and high-temperature sintering. The finished product density is ≥ 9.4g/cm3.
Product diameter specifications: Φ20-300mm, and can be specially processed according to your drawings. It is mainly used for the perforation of seamless steel pipes such as stainless steel, brazing steel, bearing steel and high-temperature alloy steel. It is used for hot rolling and piercing work of seamless pipes without material in high temperature and harsh environment.
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