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Tungsten strip

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Tungsten belongs to non-ferrous metals and is also an important strategic metal. Tungsten ore has been called "heavy stone" in ancient times. In 1781 by the Swedish chemist Carl. William. Sheyer discovered the scheelite and extracted the new element acid-tungstic acid. In 1783, it was discovered by the Spanish Depulya that the black tungsten was also extracted from tungstic acid. In the same year, the reduction of tungsten trioxide with carbon was obtained for the first time. Tungsten powder and named the element. The content of tungsten in the earth's crust is 0.001%. Twenty kinds of tungsten-containing minerals have been discovered. Tungsten deposits are generally formed along with the activity of granitic magma. The smelted tungsten is a silvery white shiny metal with a very high melting point and a high hardness. The atomic number is 74. Steel gray or silver white, high hardness, high melting point, free from air erosion at normal temperature; main purpose is to manufacture filament and high-speed cutting alloy steel, super hard mold, also used in optical instruments, chemical instruments [tungsten; wolfram] Element symbol W. The wire drawn from the tungsten rod can be used as a filament inside a light bulb, an electron tube, etc.
When the fighter reached the target, it quickly placed ammunition. Modern ammunition is different from the previous one. The previously released ammunition is a heavy explosive. For example, the Tomahawk missile can carry 450 kg of TNT explosives and high explosives. Modern fighters do not carry much explosives. It changes the way a new concept strikes against the target. Instead of using traditional ammunition, it puts a metal rod made of metal tungsten, which is a tungsten rod. From a height of tens of kilometers to hundreds of kilometers, a small stick is placed at an extremely high speed enough to sink a destroyer and an aircraft carrier in this way, not to mention a car or an airplane. So it works for a high degree of precision, very fast speed.
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