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Tungsten copper rod

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2018/11/21 10:50
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Tungsten-copper alloys have a wide range of applications, mainly for the manufacture of high-voltage electrical switch contacts for arc ablation and high-temperature components such as rocket nozzle throat linings and tail rudders, as well as electrodes for electromachining, high temperature molds and others. Where electrical and thermal conductivity and high temperature use are required. Resistance welding electrode resistance welding electrode (select tungsten copper WD10080): combines the advantages of tungsten and copper, high temperature resistance, arc erosion resistance, high strength, large specific gravity, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, easy cutting, and sweating Other characteristics, due to the high hardness, high melting point and anti-adhesion characteristics of tungsten, are often used for projection welding and butt welding electrodes with certain wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Spark electrode spark electrode (select tungsten copper WD10070, WD10075, discharge tungsten steel should choose WD10080): When the mold made of tungsten steel and high temperature resistant superhard alloy needs to be eroded, the common electrode loss is large and the speed is slow, and tungsten copper High electro-corrosion speed, low loss rate, precise electrode shape and excellent processing performance can ensure the accuracy of the workpiece to be greatly improved. High-voltage discharge tube electrode high-voltage discharge tube electrode (select WD10070): When the high-voltage vacuum discharge tube is working, the contact material will rise by several thousand degrees Celsius in a few tenths of a second, while the anti-ablative performance and high toughness of tungsten copper Good electrical and thermal conductivity provide the necessary conditions for the stable operation of the discharge tube. Chemical composition: Main chemical composition %: Tungsten W70.00 Copper Cu30.00 Application: resistance welding electrode, spark electrode, high voltage discharge tube electrode, electronic packaging material. Physical and mechanical properties: Density g/cm3: 13.8-14 Conductivity % IACS: 42 Hardness: 185HV Flexural strength Mpa: 700 Softening temperature °C: 900

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