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The Ministry of Land and Resources issued the 2014 total control index of rare earth ore tungsten mining

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2018/11/19 16:32
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Recently, the Ministry of Land and Resources issued the "Notice of the Ministry of Land and Resources on the release of the 2014 total control index of rare earth ore tungsten mining" (Guo Tu Zi Fa [2014] No. 65), issued the 2014 rare earth mine (REO) mining The total control index is 105,000 tons; the total mining control index of tungsten concentrate (65% tungsten trioxide content) is 89000 tons, of which the main mining index is 71,000 tons and the comprehensive utilization index is 18,000 tons. The total amount of antimony mining control indicators will no longer be issued. The total amount of tungsten mining control indicators was the same as last year, and the indicators allocated to the provinces were consistent with the previous year. Among them, 37,750 tons in Jiangxi, 23,100 tons in Hunan, 6,000 tons in Henan, 6,000 tons in Yunnan, 3,260 in Guangdong, 3,000 tons in Guangxi, 2,900 tons in Fujian, 1,710 tons in Gansu, 1,500 tons in Inner Mongolia, 1,200 tons in Anhui, 1,100 tons in Heilongjiang, 450 tons in Zhejiang, Hubei 300 tons, Xinjiang 300 tons, Hainan 190 tons, Qinghai 140 tons and Shaanxi 100 tons, Jiangxi, Hunan, Henan, Yunnan accounted for 42.42%, 25.96%, 6.74%, 6.74% of the total indicators. The notification requires that all provincial-level land and resources authorities must strictly follow the regulations, conscientiously do a good job of index decomposition and release work, and timely decompose the indicators to reach cities, counties, and enterprises; level responsibility, implementation at the same level, and should be issued in the Ministry of Land and Resources. Within 30 working days of the indicator, the province (district) indicators will be allocated, announced and reported to the Ministry of Land and Resources for the record. The competent department of land and resources at the county level shall sign a letter of responsibility with the mining enterprise to clarify the rights, obligations and liabilities for breach of contract. The mining right holders must conscientiously implement the rare earth monthly report and the tungsten ore quarterly reporting system, and conduct online direct reporting in a timely, accurate and standardized manner. Local competent land and resources authorities at all levels shall take measures to effectively strengthen the verification and inspection of the implementation of the main mining indicators of rare earth ore and tungsten mines; guide the comprehensive utilization of tungsten mine enterprises to control production, and carry out verification work for enterprises with insufficient allocation indicators, truthfully report the actual report. Production status. The notice stipulates that before June 30, 2015, the application for new rare earth ore and tungsten ore exploration and mining registration certificates will be suspended except for the following cases. First, the key projects approved by the State Council and the pre-examination, census and necessary detailed investigation projects carried out by the Central Geological Exploration Fund or the provincial-level special funds; the second is the large-scale rare earth enterprise group determined by the state and in line with the “production total control and mining” The rare earth exploration project and mining project required by the “balanced storage”; the third is the integrated mining area determined according to the provincial-level mineral resources development and integration implementation plan. The existing mining rights and exploration rights need to be integrated. Fourth, the existing mining enterprises are indeed due to mining rights. The continuation project in which the resources are exhausted and cannot be normally produced and the application to use the original production system to expand the exploration and mining areas adjacent to the area; Fifth, according to the relevant regional economic support policies of the central government, the Ministry of Land and Resources and the relevant provincial (district) people's governments sign an agreement, which requires The construction projects to be supported by the central government; the central government will support the poverty alleviation and development in the special poverty-stricken areas, and need to support the construction projects; the sixth is in line with the national industrial policy, mineral resources planning, mining rights setting plan and total mining control requirements. Level people's government requests and explains the situation, need to be given Support of construction projects. The notice stressed that the Ministry of Land and Resources will examine the situation of the total amount of mining control indicators and implement the monthly and quarterly reporting systems, and organize the verification of the implementation of indicators in a timely manner. (Yu Zequan)